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The Comedy of Errors

William Shakespeare
Further Study

Full Book Quiz

Further Study Full Book Quiz

1. The Comedy of Errors is set in the city of:

2. Egeon will be executed because

3. In order to avoid execution, Egeon must:

4. Egeon lost his family in:

5. According to Antipholus of Syracuse, Ephesus is famous for:

6. In Ephesus, Antipholus of Syracuse is mistaken for:

7. Adriana suspects her husband, Antipholus of Ephesus, of:

8. Luciana accuses her sister of ruining her marriage by being too:

9. After dining at his brother's home, Antipholus of Syracuse declares his love for:

10. Antipholus of Ephesus is locked out of his own home because:

11. After having been locked out, Antipholus of Ephesus dines at the home of:

12. Angelo has promised to make Antipholus of Ephesus:

13. Antipholus of Ephesus originally intended to give the above item to:

14. In fact, the object ends up in the possession of:

15. Dromio of Ephesus is married to:

16. In order to free himself from a debt officer, Antipholus of Syracuse sends Dromio to get money from:

17. The Courtesan lends Antipholus of Ephesus a:

18. Adriana summons Doctor Pinch to:

19. Seeking safety, Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse flee into:

20. Meanwhile, Antipholus of Ephesus has been imprisoned by:

21. Seeking to have Antipholus of Syracuse removed from the abbey, Adriana appeals to:

22. The crisis is resolved by the appearance of:

23. The Abbess is really:

24. After all is revealed, the Duke:

25. Everyone goes to celebrate in: