1. Suffolk has brought Margaret from where?

2. She is given to England in exchange for what?

3. Why are the nobles upset about the loss of two French regions?

4. What does the Duchess plan?

5. What is Peter's petition?

6. Who plots against Gloucester?

7. What happens to the Duchess?

8. What is Simpcox's scam?

9. What is York's claim to the throne?

10. Who are York's allies?

11. What is Somerset's report from France?

12. What pretext do the lords use to kill Gloucester?

13. After Gloucester's death, what do the commoners demand?

14. What's going on between Margaret and Suffolk?

15. How does Suffolk die?

16. Who is Jack Cade?

17. What does Jack Cade do?

18. Why does York hire Jack Cade?

19. Jack Cade's reign of terror includes:

20. Why does Jack Cade's army fall?

21. What is York's plan?

22. What does he end up doing?

23. Who does York summon to defend him?

24. What is Margaret's advice to Henry?

25. Who wins the battle?

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