1. What is Chatillon's message to John?

2. How does John respond?

3. What is Falconbridge's complaint?

4. What is John's ruling?

5. But what does the Bastard decide?

6. Why do Philip and John fight over Angers?

7. The Bastard encourages them to deal with Angers how?

8. What do the citizens of Angers suggest?

9. What does Pandolf do to John?

10. What does Pandolf demand of Philip?

11. Who becomes Arthur's caretaker?

12. What does John ask Hubert to do?

13. What does Pandolf encourage Louis to do?

14. How does Arthur influence Hubert?

15. What does Hubert to do Arthur?

16. But what happens to Arthur?

17. What do John's lords request of him?

18. What do they do when they find Arthur?

19. What does John decide with Pandolf?

20. What happens to most of the armies in this play?

21. Why do the English lords change sides?

22. What happens to John?

23. What is the Bastard's response?

24. But what do the other lords tell him?

25. To whom do the English lords all swear allegiance?


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