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Whom does Caliban mistake for one of Prospero’s spirits sent to torment him?

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What was Prospero’s title before his position was usurped and he was forced to flee Italy?

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From which country is Alonso’s ship returning when it is caught in the tempest?

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How long have Prospero and Miranda been on their island?

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What was the name of Caliban’s mother?

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Over how many days does the action of The Tempest take place?

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Which mythical figures appear in the wedding masque Prospero stages for Miranda and Ferdinand?

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Which character is Prospero’s brother?

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Which character is Sebastian’s brother?

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What do we see Miranda and Ferdinand doing in the play’s final scene?

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What shape does Ariel assume at the magical banquet in Act III, scene iii?

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What do Prospero and Ariel set out as bait for Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano?

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What does Caliban say must be done before Prospero can be killed?

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What is the name of Alonso’s daughter?

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What does Prospero give as his reason for treating Caliban badly?

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Who helped Prospero and Miranda to flee Italy?

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Where does Ariel put the mariners and Boatswain after the tempest?

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Where did Sycorax imprison Ariel?

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What task are both Caliban and Ferdinand forced to perform?

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Who persuades Sebastian to try to kill Alonso?

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What does Prospero intend to “drown” after he has reconciled with his enemies?

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What does Caliban say is his “chief profit” from learning language?

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Which characters do Stephano and Trinculo most clearly parody?

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What is the final task Prospero orders Ariel to perform?

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We are told that one of the following characters has visited England. Which one?