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Tamora is the Queen of:

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Lavinia is compared to each of the following, except:

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Marcus says that the sight of Lavinia will do what to her father?

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Which of the following statements about Marcus is false:

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Characters in the play die by all the following means except:

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Titus Andronicus bears the title of:

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To trick Titus, Tamora disguises herself as:

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Which injury does Titus inflict upon himself?

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Lavinia is killed by:

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Which is the chronologically correct order of deaths?

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The infamous line "I have done your mother" is said by:

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Tamora sends Aemilius to:

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Who is left to be emperor of Rome at the end of the play?

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To Titus, the judges taking his sons away are worse than:

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Aaron tells Lucius everything in exchange for a promise to keep whom alive?

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On the verge of death, Aaron regrets that:

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To which myth does Lavinia refer in order to name her plight to her father and uncle?

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Why does Lucius leave Rome?

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Aaron is a:

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What does Titus send to the empress's sons as gifts through Young Lucius?

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What does Titus ask Lavinia to hold between her teeth?

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Why does Titus laugh?

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The following pair are not brothers:

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Who is the first person to be slaughtered in the play, and why?