1. Troilus and Cressida is set in:

2. The war is the result of:

3. Pandarus is Cressida's:

4. Cressida's father is:

5. The Greek general is:

6. The challenge to single combat is issued by:

7. Ulysses blames the trouble in the Greek camp on:

8. The sons of Priam have a long argument over:

9. Achilles's best friend and lover is:

10. Thersites is:

11. Which Greek is chosen to fight Hector?

12. This choice is an insult to:

13. Thanks to the work of Pandarus, Troilus and Cressida are able to:

14. The Greeks and Trojans agree to exchange:

15. Cressida is led to the Greek camp by:

16. When she arrives, the Greek commanders:

17. The duel between Hector and Ajax ends with:

18. After the duel, Troilus is led to Cressida's tent by:

19. At Cressida's tent, Troilus:

20. The next day, Achilles at first refuses to fight because:

21. In Troy, Hector is urged not to fight by:

22. In response to these warnings, Hector:

23. On the field of battle, at first:

24. Achilles enters the battle when:

25. When they meet in battle:

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