Was Gandhi primarily a political figure, or a social reformer? Defend your answer.

Why was India partitioned in 1947? Discuss Gandhi's attitude toward, and role in, the partition.

Compare and contrast Gandhi's careers in India and South Africa.

Discuss Gandhi's decision to become celibate, to adopt Brahmacharya. How was this consistent with his political philosophy?

Discuss Gandhi's relationship with the untouchables. What role did this caste play in his vision of India's future?

Analyze the relationship between Gandhi and the Indian people. What was the significance of the term Mahatma in this context?

What was the legacy of Gandhi's efforts in India? How did the Indian independence movement influence future independence movements in other countries? How did it help to end colonialism and change global power structures? In particular, how did Gandhi's methods of non-violent protest influence future social and political movements?

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