1. Where was Gandhi born?

2. What was the name of Gandhi's father?

3. At what age was Gandhi married?

4. What was Gandhi's wife's name?

5. What did Gandhi go to England to study after his father's death?

6. How old was Gandhi when he went to London?

7. What did Gandhi do after completing his studies in England?

8. Why did Gandhi go to South Africa?

9. The "Indian Franchise Bill" in Natal was intended to:

10. Who is the author of The Kingdom of God is Within You?

11. From what text does the Sermon on the Mount derive?

12. "Mahatma" means

13. What was Raychandra's religion?

14. Why did Gandhi return to India in 1896?

15. The Boer War was fought between:

16. How did Gandhi contribute to the Boer War?

17. Why did Gandhi go to India in 1901?

18. In what year was Indian Opinion founded?

19. To what does the term Brahmacharya refer?

20. Who was Jan Smuts?

21. Where did Gandhi go in 1909?

22. Satyagraha means, literally:

23. In 1913, Gandhi protested a South African law that:

24. In what year did Gandhi leave South Africa for the last time?

25. When did World War I begin?

26. How did Gandhi respond to World War I?

27. In what year was the Satyagraha ashram founded?

28. What was the effect of the Rowlatt Act?

29. What is a hartal?

30. In protest of what injustice did Gandhi organize a hartal on April 6, 1919?

31. What event occurred on April 13, 1919?

32. Gandhi first organized mass "non-cooperation" with the British in what year?

33. Who was Viceroy in March of 1922, when Gandhi was arrested?

34. What were the effects of "non-cooperation" while Gandhi was in jail?

35. What did Gandhi do from 1924-28?

36. In what year was the Declaration of Independence for India published?

37. What was the Salt March intended to protest?

38. After the Salt March and the subsequent wave of protests, what did the British agree to do?

39. When Gandhi arrived in London, how did the British receive him?

40. When he returned to India after the Round Table Conference, what happened in Gandhi's life?

41. What events characterized the years 1934 to 1938 for Gandhi?

42. What important Act passed Parliament in 1935?

43. Of what religion was Muhammed Ali Jinnah?

44. What did the Muslim League demand by the late 1930s?

45. What was "Basic Education"?

46. When did World War II begin?

47. During the war, what were the Congress's actions?

48. What personal tragedy did Gandhi suffer in 1943?

49. In what year did India achieve its independence?

50. Who assassinated Gandhi?