1. For what year did Heisenberg win the Nobel Prize?

2. In what year did Heisenberg actually receive the Nobel Prize?

3. What was August Heisenberg's field?

4. What was the alternative to matrix mechanics called?

5. To what principle did Bohr extend the uncertainty principle?

6. Which colleague recognized the matrix multiplication rules in Heisenberg's work?

7. On how many published papers did Heisenberg and Pauli collaborate?

8. Where did Heisenberg receive his first full professorship appointment?

9. Whom did Heisenberg succeed as Born's assistant?

10. What Munich professor almost failed Heisenberg because of his incompetence in experimental physics?

11. What was Heisenberg's brother's name?

12. What instrument did Heisenberg play for most of his life?

13. What was the emphasis of Heisenberg's gymnasium education placed on?

14. What philosopher did Heisenberg read while working on a farm in 1918?

15. What was one of the central differences between Schrödinger's and Heisenberg's pictures of the atom?

16. On what subject did Heisenberg write his doctoral thesis?

17. In what year did Heisenberg receive the Max Planck Medal?

18. With what level of honors did Heisenberg receive his doctorate?

19. Whose quantum postulate did Heisenberg's Zeeman principle modify?

20. At what school was Heisenberg habilitated in 1924?

21. What theory attempted to abandon the laws of energy and momentum conservation?

22. Which one of the following was not a coauthor of the matrix mechanics paper?

23. Who theorized the existence of a "dark point"?

24. Who coauthored the paper on dispersion with Heisenberg?

25. How old was Heisenberg when he became Germany's youngest full professor?

26. Who was Heisenberg's experimentalist counterpart at Leipzig?

27. Who discovered the neutron?

28. Who intervened on Heisenberg's behalf when he came under the attack of Nazi propaganda?

29. What aging scientist encouraged Heisenberg not to resign and leave Germany?

30. For what work was Heisenberg awarded the Nobel Prize?

31. To what directorship was Heisenberg promoted in 1942?

32. What was the cause of Heisenberg's death?

33. The uncertainty principle asserts the impossibility of exactly measuring which two variables simultaneously?

34. In what year did Heisenberg receive his doctorate?

35. What was the age difference between Heisenberg and his wife?

36. How many children did Heisenberg have?

37. Whom did Heisenberg NOT serve as assistant?

38. Why did Heisenberg relocate to Munich in 1910?

39. What influential position did Heisenberg's maternal grandfather hold?

40. What is the highest rank August Heisenberg attained?

41. What was Heisenberg's youth movement group known as?

42. Who was Robert Honsell?

43. What other career did Heisenberg seriously consider?

44. What was Heisenberg intending to study when he first went to Munich?

45. With whom did Heisenberg coauthor a paper modifying his own Zeeman principle?

46. How many siblings did Heisenberg have?

47. What kind of series was involved in expressing the amplitude of virtual oscillators?

48. Where did Heisenberg turn down a chair in 1926?

49. Why did Heisenberg turn down that chair?

50. Which of the following should never mix, in Heisenberg's opinion?