1. Where was Lenin born?

2. What was Lenin's father's profession?

3. What was Lenin's older brother's name?

4. Whom was Lenin's brother accused of trying to assassinate?

5. Lenin received a degree from St. Petersburg in what field?

6. What was the name of the first Russian Marxist party?

7. What was Lenin's wife named?

8. Where were Lenin and his wife married?

9. What was the name of the paper that Lenin worked on from 1900-1903?

10. What is the English translation of this paper's name?

11. In 1903, the Russian Marxists split into two factions. What were the names of these?

12. What group did Lenin lead?

13. What was the name of the opposing party's leader?

14. With what country did Russia go to war in 1904?

15. In order to end the 1905 Revolution, Nicholas II was forced to do what?

16. Where did Lenin live primarily in the years before World War I?

17. The school that Lenin opened outside Paris was run with the help of whom?

18. Where was Lenin living when World War I broke out?

19. When did World War I begin?

20. Who was Russia's chief antagonist in the war?

21. When did the Nicholas II abdicate and the Russian Revolution begin?

22. What institution replaced the Tsar's administration?

23. Who was the leader of the Provisional Government in autumn of 1917?

24. Who sent Lenin back to Russia from Switzerland in a sealed train?

25. When did the Bolsheviks seize power?

26. What action by the Bolsheviks ended the war with Germany?

27. What was the Bolshevik stance toward the Constituent Assembly?

28. In the ensuing civil war, the opposition to the Bolsheviks were known as what?

29. Who supported the Bolsheviks' opposition in the civil war?

30. What was the fate of Nicholas II and his family?

31. Who organized the Red Army?

32. Who were the "kulaks" in Lenin's rhetoric?

33. Lenin's campaign against the peasantry was called what?

34. What was the name of the woman who nearly assassinated Lenin in 1918?

35. In what year did World War I end?

36. Who invaded Russia in May 1920?

37. How many deaths (approximately) did the famine of 1921 cause in Russia?

38. What did the White forces in Russia do in winter of 1920?

39. What did Lenin do in response to the Kronstadt Mutiny?

40. In what year did Inessa Armand die?

41. What did the Bolsheviks rename themselves in 1922?

42. What was the name of Bolshevik-ruled Russia?

43. The inner circle of Bolsheviks was known as what?

44. When did Lenin suffer his first stroke?

45. As Lenin neared death, a rivalry developed between which two people?

46. In his Testament, Lenin warned against the increasing power of which person?

47. When did Lenin die?

48. Who gradually took over control of the Soviet Union after Lenin died?

49. After his death, what happened to Lenin's body?