April 22, 1870: ·Birth of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, later known as Lenin, in the Russian city of Simbirsk.
March 13, 1881: ·Assassination of Tsar Alexander II.
January 24, 1886: ·Death of Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov, Lenin's father.
May 20, 1887: ·Alexander Ulyanov, Lenin's brother, hanged in St. Petersburg.
December 17, 1887: ·Lenin arrested in student protest at Kazan University, later expelled from the University.
November 1891: ·Lenin passes law examination as external student at St. Petersburg University.
Summer 1895: ·Lenin goes abroad for the first time, meets Plekhanov.
December 21, 1895: ·Lenin arrested by the Tsar's police.
February 1897: ·Lenin exiled to Siberia for three years.
March 1898: ·Social Democratic Party, first Russian Marxist party, founded in Minsk.
July 22, 1898: ·Lenin marries Nadezhda Krupskaya in Shushenskoe, Siberia.
February 10, 1900: ·Lenin's exile ends, and he returns to St. Petersburg.
July 1900: ·Lenin travels to Western Europe.
December 1900: ·First issue of Iskra published in Germany.
March 1902: ·Publication of Lenin's What Is To Be Done?
July-August 1903: ·Second Congress of Social Democrats in Brussels and London; Bolshevik-Menshevik split emerges for the first time.
February 1904: ·Outbreak of Russo-Japanese War
January 22, 1905: ·"Bloody Sunday" in St. Petersburg, beginning of 1905 Revolution.
April-May 1905: ·Third Congress in London; Lenin dominates.
October 30, 1905: ·Nicholas II issues "October Manifesto," promising civil liberties and a democratically elected "Duma."
November 1905: ·Lenin returns to Russia.
December 1905: ·Lenin in Finland for a Bolshevik conference, where he meets Stalin for the first time.
December 1907: ·Lenin returns to Western Europe, settles in Switzerland
December 1908: ·Lenin moves to Paris, meets Inessa Armand.
January-February 1912: ·Split with Mensheviks becomes official, Bolsheviks form their own party.
June 1912: ·Lenin moves to Krakow in Austrian Poland.
May 1913: ·Lenin settles in Polish village of Poronin.
August-September 1914: ·Outbreak of World War I (1914-1918); Lenin leaves Poland for Switzerland.
March 8, 1917: ·Beginning of Revolution in St. Petersburg.
March 15, 1917: ·Nicholas II abdicates, Provisional Government formed.
April 1917: ·Lenin takes "sealed train" through Germany back to Russia.
April 16-17, 1917: ·Lenin reaches St. Petersburg/Petrograd, issues "April Theses" advocating overthrow of Provisional Government.
July 17, 1917: ·Attempted Bolshevik coup in Petrograd ("July Days"); Lenin goes into hiding.
July 24, 1917: ·Kerensky becomes Prime Minister.
November 6-7, 1917: ·Bolsheviks seize power, Kerensky flees.
December 15, 1917: ·Temporary armistice signed with Germany.
December 1917: ·White armies begin to form in the Ukraine, beginning of civil war.
January 18, 1918: ·Constituent Assembly convenes, and is forcibly broken up by Bolsheviks.
March 3, 1918: ·Treaty of Brest-Litovsk signed with Germany, ending Russia's involvement in World War I.
March 13, 1918: ·Trotsky appointed People's Commissar for War, takes charge of the Red Army.
Spring-Summer 1918: ·Allied forces land in Murmansk, Archangel, and Vladivostok.
July 17, 1918: ·Murder of Nicholas II and his family in Ekaterinburg.
August 30, 1918: ·Assassination attempt on Lenin by Fanya Kaplan.
September 1918: ·Official beginning of the Red Terror when Lenin orders the Red troops to begin taking hostages. White armies driven back along the Volga.
November 1918: ·End of World War I in Western Europe.
April 1919: ·First concentration camps established in Russia.
April 26, 1920: ·Poland invades Russia.
June 1920: ·Poles driven back to Warsaw by Red Army.
September 24, 1920: ·Inessa Armand dies.
November 1920: ·Evacuation of the last White forces across the Black Sea.
1921: ·Famine in Russia, nearly 5 million die.
March 1921: ·Military uprising on Kronstadt Island.
March 8, 1921: ·Tenth Party Congress in Moscow, Lenin announces New Economic Policy.
April 1922: ·Stalin appointed General Secretary of the Communist Party.
May 26, 1922: ·Lenin suffers first stroke.
Summer 1922: ·Lenin convalesces at Gorki.
December 16, 1922: ·Lenin suffers second stroke.
December-January 1922-23: ·Lenin dictates his "Testament", warning against Stalin.
March 10, 1923: ·Lenin suffers his third stroke, loses the power of speech.
January 21, 1924: ·Lenin dies
January 27, 1924: ·Lenin's embalmed body installed in Red Square mausoleum.

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