1. Which church was James Madison raised in as a boy?

2. Where did James Madison go to college?

3. As a young man, right out of college, James Madison could best be described as

4. Madison entered into politics as a member of which political body?

5. Which issue was of chief concern to Madison as young Virginia politician?

6. In 1779, Madison served on the Council of State to which Virginia governor who also became his life-long friend?

7. In 1780, 29-year-old James Madison was the youngest member of which political body?

8. Before the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, the American states were provisionally governed by

9. What is a central idea in the doctrine of Federalism?

10. Which issue concerned Madison while he was a member of the Continental Congress in the early 1780s?

11. What personal disappointment did Madison suffer in 1783?

12. Who was Madison's chief opponent in the effort to disestablish the Anglican Church in Virginia in favor of religious liberty?

13. Which European thinker greatly influenced Madison's thinking on constitutional questions?

14. What was the Virginia Plan?

15. With whom did Madison write The Federalist papers in 1788 and 1789?

16. What was the main purpose of The Federalist?

17. In 1789, James Madison took a seat in which legislative body?

18. In 1789, as a U.S. congressman, James Madison drafted which important document?

19. What was James Madison's nickname when he took office as a U.S. congressman?

20. What nation did Madison favor in foreign affairs?

21. In 1790, Madison opposed Alexander Hamilton in his effort to establish

22. Madison was a key figure in the formation of which political party?

23. Which of President Washington's policies greatly disappointed Madison?

24. Who became President in 1797?

25. How old was Madison when he married?

26. How many children did Dolley Madison have from her first marriage?

27. Dolley left which religious community upon her marriage to James Madison?

28. In which office did Madison serve President Thomas Jefferson's Administration?

29. What year did the United States acquire the Louisiana territory?

30. Who was William Marbury?

31. What was the purpose of the Embargo Act of 1807?

32. James Madison's presidential term spanned which years?

33. Which political fight shook up Madison's cabinet during his first term as President?

34. Who served Madison simultaneously as Secretary of State and Secretary of the Treasury?

35. What was the name of the Shawnee chief who attempted a unification of American Indian tribes but saw defeat for his movement at the battle of Tippecanoe?

36. What were the names of Madison's Vice Presidents?

37. What spurred on the War of 1812?

38. What was "Old Ironsides"?

39. Dolley Madison became a heroine for what action taken during the War of 1812?

40. What treaty ended the War of 1812?

41. Victory in the War of 1812 and President Madison's subsequent popularity coincided with the death of which national political party?

42. Who succeeded James Madison as President?

43. President Madison was how old when he left office?

44. What was the name of Madison's great Virginia estate?

45. National politics after Madison's retirement was characterized by the rise of what troublesome development?

46. What was the main goal of the American Colonization Society which Madison helped to found?

47. Madison opposed which American congressman's doctrine of Nullification?

48. Madison became rector of which institution in 1826?

49. Why was Madison accused of hypocrisy during the Virginia Constitutional Convention in 1829?

50. By 1831, Madison was distinguished among the Founding Fathers for what reason?