1. Where was Picasso born?

2. What was Picasso's father's profession?

3. What painters did Picasso admire in the Prado as a teenager?

4. Where did Picasso make most of his Barcelona connections?

5. When did Picasso first leave for Paris?

6. Which painting of Picasso's was selected for the Exposition Universelle in 1900?

7. Whose suicide in 1901 inspired several of Picasso's paintings?

8. Which sequence of major works is in the correct chronological order?

9. Which mistress was a ballet dancer?

10. Who was the leader of the Surrealists?

11. When did the Fauvists debut?

12. What was Parade?

13. During one of Picasso's many liaisons, a friend said that "At no other moment in his life was his painting so undulating, all sinuous curves, rolling arms, and swirling hair." Who was his mistress during this period?

14. With which artistic movement was Picasso associated in the 1920s?

15. Which was the first old master painting that Picasso made a variation of?

16. When did the Museum of Modern Art in New York buy "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"?

17. Of which politician did Picasso paint a portrait?

18. When did the Spanish Civil War begin?

19. What was the most miserable year of Picasso's life?

20. What was the Minotaur?

21. Which painting was Picasso's first experiment with neo-classicism?

22. Which of the following figures inspired Surrealism?

23. Who worked together on Parade?

24. Which of the following works would you call Synthetic Cubist?

25. Which of the following works would you call Analytical Cubist?

26. Who invented the terms "Analytical Cubist" and "Synthetic Cubist"?

27. Who was "Ma Jolie"?

28. What artist did Braque most look up to?

29. What was the Bateau-Lavoir?

30. Which sequence of artistic movements is in the correct chronological order?

31. Which of the following was an inspiration for "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"?

32. Who co-invented Cubism with Picasso?

33. What was Picasso's first collage?

34. Which two mistresses did Picasso marry?

35. Who wrote Les Peintres cubistes in 1913, giving Braque and Picasso crucial early critical support?

36. Who ran the Ballet Russes?

37. When did Picasso start signing his work "Picasso"?

38. Who invented the papier collé?

39. In what year did Picasso suffer from a creative block?

40. Dora Maar was a:

41. When did Picasso stop painting?

42. What does "fin-de-siecle" mean in French?

43. To what artistic movement did Gaugin belong?

44. Who coined the word "surrealism"?

45. Who was Picasso's most important patron?

46. Which painting did Gertrude Stein describe as "a veritable cataclysm"?

47. When was Picasso's Blue Period?

48. Which of the following paintings is of Marie-Thérese?

49. Who said "beauty will be convulsive or not at all"?

50. Of the following people, to whom was Picasso closest personally?