1. Where was Stalin born?

2. What was Stalin's father's profession?

3. After leaving home, where did Stalin pursue his education?

4. During his student years, to what ideology did Stalin begin to subscribe?

5. What was the name of the first Marxist party in Russia?

6. After leaving school, Stalin briefly held a job at a(n):

7. In 1902, Russian Marxists split into two factions; what were these?

8. Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks?

9. What was the name of Stalin's first wife?

10. In order to end the 1905 Revolution, Nicholas II was forced to do what?

11. Prior to the Revolution, the ruler of Russia was called what?

12. What was the name of Stalin's first son?

13. As a Bolshevik, Stalin went under what name?

14. What is the meaning of the name Stalin?

15. In the years before World War I, Lenin lived primarily in what place?

16. To what place was Stalin frequently exiled during the decade 1900-1910?

17. World War I began in what year?

18. What was Stalin doing during much of the war?

19. When did the Russian Revolution begin?

20. Who was the leader of the Provisional Government in place after the Revolution?

21. Who sent Lenin back to Russia in a sealed train?

22. When did the Bolsheviks seized power?

23. In the ensuing civil war, the opposition to the Bolsheviks was known as the:

24. What was the fate of Nicholas II and his family?

25. Who organized the Red Army?

26. What was the cause of Lenin's death?

27. When did Lenin die?

28. What did Lenin warn in his Testament?

29. When the reading of Lenin's Testament seemed to doom him, Stalin was saved by whom?

30. Who led the Politburo's "Leftists"?

31. Who was Stalin's last strong adversary, and the leader of the "Rightists"?

32. What was Trotsky's fate in 1929?

33. Stalin's plan for modernizing the Soviet economy was referred to as what?

34. Collectivization was driven ahead by Stalin's desire to destroy whom?

35. What was the approximate number of deaths resulting from collectivization and the 1931-2 famine?

36. What happened to Nadezhda in 1932?

37. Whom did Stalin assassinate in December 1934?

38. The period from 1936-38, when Stalin liquidated his political enemies, was known as what?

39. The last "Show Trial," in 1938, claimed the lives of whom?

40. Which man was most responsible for drafting the Nazi-Soviet Pact?

41. In 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union agreed to partition what country between them?

42. What nation did Nazi Germany declare war on in the summer of 1941?

43. The turning point in the war came in winter 1942-43, with the Battle of what?

44. In driving the Germans back, Stalin's armies gained control of what region?

45. World War II came to an end in what year?

46. What was the name of Stalin's daughter?

47. The Soviet Union developed their first atomic bomb in what year?

48. The fabricated plot against Stalin in the early '50s was called what?

49. When did Stalin die?

50. Who was Stalin's successor?