Do Roosevelt's seemingly scattered and unrelated domestic actions and policies as President have any common threads?

Biographer H.W. Brands branded Roosevelt as "The Last Romantic." Do Roosevelt's personality and career support this assertion? How so?

Do you believe that the success and prosperity the completion of the Panama Canal brought justify the unethical actions Roosevelt took in order to undertake the project?

In many ways Roosevelt's politic views were paradoxical: he was a member of the conservative Republican Party, yet became associated with the Progressive movement. In what ways was he a faithful Republican? In what ways was he a reformer?

How did Roosevelt feel about the eruption World War I? Was this opinion consistent with his opinion about the Spanish-American War?

What did the disagreement between Roosevelt and President Taft involve? Why did the two run against each other for the Presidency in 1912?

How did Roosevelt transform the role of President? Can the effects of these transformations still be seen today?

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