1. Where was Theodore Roosevelt born in on October 27, 1858?

2. Which childhood medical condition kept Roosevelt inactive but also helped him develop his intellectual interests?

3. From which university did Roosevelt graduate in 1880?

4. What was the name of Theodore's first wife and first child?

5. Which political party did Roosevelt join in 1881?

6. Roosevelt made a name for himself in the New York State Assembly as a:

7. Where did Roosevelt spend the years 1884–1886 cattle ranching, writing, and trying to forget the death of his first wife?

8. Roosevelt was not elected Mayor of New York City because:

9. Who appointed Roosevelt as U.S. Civil Service Commissioner?

10. Roosevelt served as the Assistant Secretary of which department under President McKinley's first administration?

11. As an assistant cabinet member, Roosevelt believed:

12. The U.S. Congress declared war on which country in 1898?

13. Roosevelt was given what rank in the volunteer Rough Rider regiment?

14. Which "yellow" journalist helped drive the U.S. towards war in 1898 and told Frederic Remington, "You furnish the pictures, and I'll furnish the war!"?

15. Which ship's sinking ignited the American public's cry for war against Spain?

16. The United States gained control of all of the following islands during the war except:

17. The result of the 1898 war was ironic because:

18. Why had Roosevelt always wanted to be Vice President?

19. Which President was assassinated in 1901, making Roosevelt the new President?

20. Which Secretary of State devised an Open Door Policy for the United States, Japan, and the European powers to share markets in China?

21. President Roosevelt lost the sight in his left eye in 1905 when:

22. What action earned Roosevelt the Nobel Peace Prize?

23. Which labor strike did Roosevelt threaten to end using 10,000 troops?

24. Which Congressional act did Roosevelt use to justify his trustbusting policies?

25. President Roosevelt's conservation policies included:

26. What term was applied to Roosevelt's bundle of domestic policies?

27. Which event greatly angered Japan and almost led the nation into war?

28. Roosevelt's Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine stated that:

29. What event angered the President and prompted him to announce his corollary to the Monroe Doctrine?

30. In what year during Roosevelt's Presidency did a financial panic hit the United States?

31. What book published in 1906 prompted Roosevelt to investigate the horrible conditions in the Chicago stockyards and meatpacking houses?

32. Whom did Alice Roosevelt marry at a huge gala wedding at the White House in 1907?

33. Which man ran for President against Roosevelt in 1904 and a total of four times in his life?

34. Roosevelt was the first President ever to:

35. Which government agency was NOT created during Roosevelt's Presidency?

36. President Roosevelt's forceful style of foreign policy was known as:

37. The younger and more loyal members of Roosevelt's administration were known as:

38. Who was the rich and famous financier who helped Roosevelt resolve the Coal Strike and prevent a stock market crash?

39. What was the plutocracy?

40. Who succeeded Roosevelt as President in 1909?

41. In 1914 Roosevelt contracted yellow fever in:

42. In the 1912 Presidential elections, Theodore Roosevelt ran for a third Presidential term for which political party?

43. What were the names of Roosevelt's domestic and foreign policy plans in the campaign of 1912?

44. Who won the Presidential election in 1912?

45. What ship did the Germans sink in 1915, killing 114 Americans?

46. In which year did the United States enter the World War I?

47. When World War I broke out in Europe, Roosevelt felt:

48. How did Roosevelt's son Quentin die in 1918?

49. How did Roosevelt unexpectedly die on January 5, 1919?

50. Which President's head is carved on Mt. Rushmore along with Washington's, Jefferson's and Lincoln's?