1. Woodrow Wilson's first name was:

2. Wilson was born in which state?

3. Wilson grew up in which state?

4. Wilson's father was a clergyman for which church, a church that heavily influenced Wilson throughout his life?

5. From which university did Wilson earn his undergraduate degree in 1879?

6. At which university did Wilson study law for a year?

7. In which city did Wilson establish a law firm in 1882?

8. To whom did Wilson meet in 1883 and eventually marry?

9. From which university did Wilson earn his Ph.D.?

10. Which work authored by Wilson and published as his doctoral dissertation won him immediate fame and established him as a serious scholar of American government?

11. At which women's college did Wilson accept his first teaching position?

12. After his position at Bryn Mawr, in 1888 Wilson became a professor and football coach at what school?

13. What were the names of Wilson's three daughters, born in 1886, 1887, and 1889 respectively?

14. Wilson was elected president of which university in 1902?

15. Wilson devised which new method of undergraduate education that many schools throughout the country have since adopted?

16. Wilson was elected Governor of which state in 1910?

17. What was the primary reason Wilson decided to run for Governor?

18. Although a Democrat, Wilson was also associated with which political movement?

19. As Governor, what group did Wilson attack?

20. Which three candidates did Wilson defeat in the Presidential election of 1912?

21. Who served as President of the United States before Woodrow Wilson?

22. President Wilson's national domestic policy program was known as what?

23. Which man was one of Wilson's closest friends, political advisors, and diplomats?

24. Wilson pushed which act through Congress to reduce the 1909 tariff on foreign goods?

25. As President, Wilson also successfully fought for the creation of which bank to control the national reserves?

26. Who served as Wilson's first Secretary of State until 1915?

27. During Wilson's presidency, U.S. troops invaded and occupied which three Latin American countries?

28. Which Mexican leader refused to salute the American flag, as President Wilson demanded?

29. Which U.S. military officer led both the Punitive Expedition into Mexico in pursuit of Pancho Villa and the American military effort in Europe during World War I?

30. When World War I erupted in Europe in 1914, how did Wilson believe the U.S. should react?

31. What new technology gave Germany a distinct advantage in naval battles?

32. The sinking of which three ships greatly outraged Wilson and the American people?

33. What was the name of the intercepted German communiqué that promised to give Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas to Mexico if it invaded the United States?

34. Which Republican candidate did Wilson barely manage to defeat for the Presidency in 1916?

35. How did tragedy strike the First Family in the summer of 1914?

36. Wilson urged Congress to declare war on Germany in 1917 after what development?

37. Wilson drafted and pushed which act through Congress in order to give himself more power over the American war effort?

38. Wilson signed which act that forbade speaking out against the U.S. Government or America's involvement in World War I?

39. For what purpose did Wilson create the Committee on Public Information?

40. In which years did World War I begin and end?

41. Whom did Wilson's daughter, Eleanor, marry during the beginning of Wilson's first term as President?

42. Wilson gave this famous speech on January 8, 1918

43. After World War I, Wilson fought for the creation of which international organization to ensure collective security?

44. The U.S. Senate defied Wilson when it refused to ratify which treaty that ended World War I?

45. On October 2, 1919, Wilson collapsed due to:

46. In 1920, Wilson became the second American President to:

47. Who won the Presidential election of 1920?

48. After stepping down as President, Wilson worked the remainder of his life in what capacity?

49. Where is Woodrow Wilson buried?

50. What was Woodrow Wilson's middle name?