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Literary Last Words, Ranked

Last words are a pretty big deal if you’re a famous author. People are going to remember what you mumbled in a fit of near-death delirium long after you become a pile of bones in the dirt, so you’d better make it good. 

I want my last words to be “I love you all,” or maybe “Avenge me,” but I know for a fact my last words will actually be “Wait, what?” and I guess I’m going to have to be okay with that. However, I hold famous authors to a higher standard. They’ve made a whole CAREER out of being eloquent and meaningful. I don’t care if you’re dying of a violent fever in the middle of a war, Lord Byron; say something witty in your final hours so I can tell people about it at parties!

To that end, here are some last words of famous authors, ranked from worst to best.

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