What I'll really have to do is to see if it applies to anything. I mean, after all, I do do volunteer work if an adoption service, but it isn't very much like the Bye-Bye Adoption Service is the Bye-Bye Adoption Service and while I can remember Mommy and Daddy coming to see me, oh, about twenty years ago, about buying a bumble, I can't quite remember anyone very much like Mommy and Daddy coming to see me about buying a bundle.

When Mrs. Barker implores Grandma to reveal the purpose of her visit, Grandma rather sarcastically does so by recounting its history, saying that twenty years ago, there was a couple very much like Mommy and Daddy. Nevertheless, Mrs. Barker fails to grasp the relevance of her hint. Having admitted to not particularly liking similes a few moments earlier, Mrs. Barker denies Grandma's "very much like" and thus obliterates any similarity between the figures of Grandma's story and the players on-stage. The Bye-Bye Adoption Service is the Bye-Bye Adoption Service; anything like it is not it. For Mrs. Barker, the simile fails. Mrs. Barker's absurd failure to understand Grandma's story numbers among the many defenses the players erect against bringing the traumatic origin and purpose of Mrs. Barker's visit forward. Though she clearly remembers her past encounter with Mommy and Daddy, Mrs. Barker cannot bring herself to grasp why it matters today.