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What is Gooper's occupation?

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What is the name of Skipper and Brick's pro football team?

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What happened to Big Daddy in Morocco?

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What body part do Mae's children apparently lack?

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What did Maggie buy Big Daddy for his birthday?

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Who is described as a cat at some point in the play?

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Daddy believes that he suffers from which of the following?

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What is the ostensible object of Brick's disgust?

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Where did Maggie and Brick go to school?

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How old is Big Daddy?

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Who was a cotton carnival queen?

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What do the children sing to Big Daddy?

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What is Big Daddy's trademark word?

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What is Big Mama's name?

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What were the names of the plantation's previous owners?

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How many official versions of Cat are in circulation?

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Who directed the premiere of Cat?

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When did Brick start drinking?

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Who confronted Skipper on his love for Brick?

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Who revealed this love to Brick?

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How does Maggie get Brick to sleep with her?

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Who tells Big Daddy that he is dying?

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Who does Big Mama jostle in her lap?

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Who keeps calling from Memphis?

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Who sleeps next to Maggie and Brick's room?