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What gives the play its title?

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How many of the characters that appear onstage in the play are not employed as salesmen?

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Which character's first name is "George"?

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What food does Mamet specify is onstage during Act One, at the Chinese restaurant?

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Which leads does Levene want Williamson to give him in the restaurant?

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What reason does Williamson give Levene for refusing to split up the two leads he is considering selling to Levene?

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What expression does Moss use to describe the company's practice of exploiting customers for maximum short term gain?

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To whom does Moss plan to sell the stolen leads?

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Which two characters does Moss approach to commit the robbery for him?

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What fraction of the profit from the robbery is Moss planning to give his accomplice for actually committing the break-in?

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Why, according to Moss, does Aaronow have no choice but to go along with Moss's plan?

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Which of the following is NOT part of Roma's speech to Lingk in the restaurant?

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What is Baylen's job?

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What reason does Roma give Aaronow to always tell the truth to the police?

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Which lead does Roma refuse to take from Williamson?

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Of which property does Levene sell units to the Nyborgs?

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Which of the following does Levene NOT claim to have done?

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Who says "Fuck the Machine"?

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Who says, "Who said 'Fuck the Machine'?"?

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How long does Levene claim to have held his pen over the Nyborgs' contract before they signed?

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What identity does Roma invent for Levene to trick Lingk?

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Who has told Lingk to cancel the deal he signed with Roma?

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Whom does Roma blame for losing him his Cadillac?

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How does Williamson figure out that Levene robbed the office?

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Which salesman does not have anything insulting to say about Baylen after emerging from his interrogation?