According to the logic of Disney’s film, Phillip represents a young girl’s ideal man. He’s strong, handsome, sensitive, funny, utterly faithful, and completely unrealistic. He’s Aurora’s perfect match because they both believe in the same concepts: love at first sight, marriage after one dance, a happy ever after. By believing so wholeheartedly in these concepts, he carries the power to break Maleficent’s curse with one kiss. Just like Aurora, Phillip doesn’t change in the film, although he is shown as a young boy, when he’s betrothed to Aurora. Therefore, he’s a few years older than she is and presumably a little bit wiser and more knowledgeable. The age difference becomes crucial to the creation of their wedding plans, because the passive Aurora can safely leave decisions and important concerns to the older, wiser man. The animators create Phillip so that the audience can have complete faith in him. He’ll always do the right thing, according to the moral rightness of this particular fairy tale. It’s so easy to figure out what he’ll do, however, that we can predict it. Phillip presents no big surprises. Though Aurora and Phillip seemingly defy the wishes of their elders (the fairies and Hubert), at the end they are filial, deferential children who assume their rightful place.