1. What song repeats throughout the dialogue and orchestrations of Sleeping Beauty?

2. What’s one reason Briar Rose flees from the mysterious rider after they first dance?

3. What does Maleficent create to prevent Prince Phillip from returning to Stefan’s castle?

4. What is Hubert trying to tell Stefan just as the fairies put him to sleep?

5. What will cause Aurora’s death, according to Maleficent’s initial curse?

6. What does Maleficent wear atop her head?

7. Which animal does NOT listen to a main character speak?

8. Why is Maleficent surprised when she captures Phillip at the fairies’ cottage?

9. What color are the dresses of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, respectively?

10. How much is shown of the period between Aurora’s birth celebration and the day of Aurora’s sixteenth birthday?

11. How does Maleficent draw Aurora away in Stefan’s castle?

12. With which two visions does Maleficent taunt Phillip when he’s chained in her dungeon?

13. With what “Weapons of Righteousness” do the fairies arm Phillip?

14. How do Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather make Briar Rose cry on her sixteenth birthday?

15. Which female character employs a walking stick?

16. How do the fairies hide themselves?

17. Why does Stefan allow the fairies to raise Aurora in the forest?

18. Who is Briar Rose dancing with when the stranger cuts in?

19. Why couldn’t Maleficent’s henchmen find Aurora in sixteen years?

20. How do Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather clean the cottage on Rose’s birthday?

21. Which fairy is the most aggressive?

22. In what form does Maleficent finally confront Phillip?

23. At what time of day is Aurora supposed to appear at Stefan’s castle?

24. What is Aurora named in honor of?

25. How many times does Aurora speak after Phillip wakes her with a kiss?