Full Title  2001: A Space Odyssey

Author Arthur C. Clarke

Type of Work Novel

Genre Science Fiction

Language English

Time and place written 1960s, U.S.

Date of First Publication 1968

Publisher New American Library

Narrator Omniscient

Climax Bowman thwarts Hal's attempt to rid Discovery of human life

Protagonist David Bowman

Antagonist Hal

Setting (time) 2001

Setting (place) Earth, the Moon, a Spaceship

Point of View Omniscient narrator who tells of disparate events spanning the universe

Falling Action Bowman is swallowed by the Star Gate

Tense Past

Foreshadowing The destructive potential of nuclear weapons at the end of part one, Hal eventually trying to run the ship alone (end of Chapter Sixteen), the challenges to face the crew during the voyage (end of Chapter Seventeen), virtually countless others—they are everywhere.

Tone Detached and scientific

Themes The Perils of Technology, Evolution, Space Exploration

Motifs Omniscient Narration, The Accouterments of Space Travel, Technological Malfunctions

Symbols Hal