Formerly a member of the Autumn Court, Lucien’s primary role is to serve as Tamlin’s emissary. His courtly ways and smooth talk balance Tamlin’s tough warrior stance. Lucien’s gratitude and loyalty toward Tamlin for giving him refuge in the Spring Court is absolute. Masked like Tamlin, Lucien is handsome in spite of his scar and missing eye. His wounds, inflicted by Amarantha because of Tamlin’s actions, reveal that he’s willing to stand by his best friend, no matter the cost. Though he initially resents Feyre’s presence at the Spring Court since she’s a human who killed a High Fae, they slowly develop a genuine friendship as they explore Prythian on horseback, exchanging joking, good-natured insults. Lucien may have a smart mouth, but he has a strong and loyal heart and his loyalty to Tamlin translates to loyalty to Feyre. When Lucien helps Feyre at the faerie court Under the Mountain, his loyalty to her nearly costs him his life. When Feyre protects him in return, giving up her name to save him from Rhysand’s torment, it illustrates that his loyalty is well-placed.