Handsome, mysterious, and dangerous, Rhysand is the High Lord of the Night Court. Enemies due to long-standing bad blood between their families, Rhysand is presented as Tamlin’s foil. Rhysand fully embraces the dark side of his faerie nature. He does not shy away from truly evil acts, like leaving a faerie head in Tamlin’s fountain as an intimidation tactic. Feyre’s first encounter with Rhysand leaves her reeling as she is simultaneously struck by the beauty of his dark hair and violet eyes while finding his tone of voice and demeanor extremely chilling. Rhysand is extremely powerful, even moreso than Tamlin. He possesses the terrifying ability to read and manipulate minds. Both Tamlin and Rhysand have their powers inhibited by Amarantha’s curse. However, in contrast to Tamlin’s resistance, Rhysand serves Amarantha at the faerie court Under the Mountain, both as a lackey and in her bed. He is widely referred to as Amarantha’s “whore” by those who see his service as hypocritical and cowardly. One of the most complex characters in the novel, Rhysand utilizes his status in Amarantha’s court to stealthily undermine her rule. This position also allows him to secretly assist and protect Feyre during her tasks. Beneath his dark exterior, his primary motivation is the protection of his people and the restoration of Prythian.