As the High Lord of the Spring Court, Tamlin shows himself to be part beast, part prince. Though Tamlin never wanted or expected to be High Lord, he takes the duty seriously. He refuses to repeat the cruelty his father and brothers showed their human slaves and demonstrates that character is defined by choices, not family or past. Handsome and brave, Tamlin is a fierce warrior who dreamed of being a musician. He occasionally shows his artistic side, sharing his fiddle skills and his gallery with Feyre. Though forced to wear a mask because of Amarantha’s curse, he finds it easier than Feyre does to show his true self. He is constantly surprised by Feyre’s wit and joy, and he truly falls in love with her. Though he brought Feyre to Prythian to be the one to break the curse, he sees her as more than an opportunity to save his people. As the blight creeps closer, his decision to send Feyre home shows his love for her means more than his duty to his people.