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What do the men and women of the realm call the creatures that killed Waymar?

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When Lysa sends a message about Jon Arryn’s death to Catelyn, what else is contained in the box with the message?

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What convinces Ned to change his mind and leave Winterfell to serve as Hand of the King?

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Who is responsible for informing Robert that Daenerys has wed Drogo?

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Who gives Daenerys three dragon eggs as a wedding gift?

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What is the sigil of House Baratheon?

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Why does Arya’s wolf, Nymeria, run away?

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What are the words of House Tully?

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What does Tyrion give to Bran when he visits Winterfell on his trip south from the Wall?

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How does Littlefinger claim that Tyrion came to possess the dragonbone dagger?

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Who does Ned suspect poisoned Jon Arryn?

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When Arya overhears a conversation in the Red Keep’s dungeons, what does Varys, the man wearing light armor, suggest?

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What does Ned suggest to Robert right before he resigns as Hand of the King?

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How does Tyrion escape from the Eyrie?

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After the trial by combat, what is the saying about the Lannisters that Tyrion tells Bronn while they are camped on a mountain road?

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What is the title the Dothraki elders prophesize for Daenerys’ baby?

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How does Drogo kill Viserys?

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Why does Drogo change his mind and decide that he will cross the Narrow Sea and attack Westeros?

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When it is clear that Robert is going to die soon, what does Littlefinger suggest Ned should do?

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How does Jon kill the wight that attacks Commander Mormont?

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What does Commander Mormont give Jon in return for saving his life?

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In Ned’s cell below the Red Keep, what are the ends that Varys claims to seek?

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After the battle with Robb’s army, why is Tyrion angry with Tywin?

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How does Drogo ultimately die?

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After Catelyn unsuccessfully argues that Robb’s army make peace, what course of action does the Greatjon suggest?