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Isak Dinesen's real name is which of the following?

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What is grown on the author's farm?

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Who originally is the author's chef?

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Who later becomes the author's chef?

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What city is closest to the farm?

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The farm rests on the bottom of what mountains?

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Who is Lulu?

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Which servant works most closely with the narrator?

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Farah is from what ethnic background?

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To what religion do most Somalis belong?

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Who is the blacksmith on the farm?

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What does Kamante fear less after he becomes a Christian?

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What in the narrator's house fascinates the native children?

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What tribe lives in a large reserve South of the farm?

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Who is the chief of the Kikuyu tribe?

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The narrator sees which animals being sent to Europe?

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What is a Toto?

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What does present Denys Finch-Hatton give the narrator?

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Where is Denys Finch-Hatton buried?

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What is a Ngoma?

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What does Old Knudsen help to build on the farm?

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Which character walks through the Masai Reserve to Tanganyika?

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What natural disaster affects the farm in its last year?

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How does Esa die?

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What animals often sit on Denys Finch-Hatton's grave?

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What does an Indian Priest want to buy from the farm?