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Who asks Charlie to keep his progress reports?

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How old is Charlie at the start of the novel?

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Why does Alice recommend Charlie for the experiment?

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Who supervises Algernon’s testing?

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In which progress report do Charlie’s punctuation, spelling, and grammar improve most significantly?

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Where is the scientists’ convention held?

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Where is the Center for Retarded Adults where Charlie takes classes?

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What is the first hard book that Charlie reads?

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What does Charlie do when he learns that Gimpy has been stealing from Mr. Donner?

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Which two characters suggest to Charlie that increasing his intelligence may be against God’s will?

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What job does Charlie’s father have when Charlie finds him?

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What book does Charlie tear apart near the end of the novel?

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Which of the following is a reason that Fay proposes for Charlie’s inability to make love to her?

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What is the range of Charlie’s IQ in the novel?

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Who threatens Charlie with a knife?

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Who does Charlie often hallucinate is watching him?

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To whom does Charlie lose his virginity?

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What is the name of the companion mouse that Fay buys for Algernon?

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What is the name of the quack doctor to whom Rose takes the six-year-old Charlie?

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What name does Charlie give to his scientific theorem?

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What language is Charlie outraged to learn that Professor Nemur does not speak?

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Of what does Nemur accuse Charlie during their argument after the cocktail party?

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What does Alice tell Charlie she will do when he has reverted to his original IQ?

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Where does Charlie go to live at the end of the novel?

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In what month does Charlie die?