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What is the first object Dr. Jordan brings to ask Grace about her associations with it?

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Why did Mary Whitney decide to get an abortion?

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What kind of quilt does Grace make at the end of the novel?

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Who does Dr. Jordan not have sexual fantasies about?

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Why did Aunt Pauline and Uncle Roy encourage Grace’s family to move to Canada?

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What type of flower does Grace frequently dream about?

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Where did Grace’s mother die?

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Why does Grace have permission to work in the Governor’s house during the day?

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What does Grace hear McDermott doing in his room above the stable?

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According to Grace’s description, what was odd about the layout of Mr. Kinnear’s house?

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What did Jamie Walsh emphasize in his testimony against Grace during the murder trial?

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What do the paintings in Mr. Kinnear’s room depict?

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What is Dr. DuPont’s area of expertise?

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What happens to Dr. Jordan after he returns to the United States?

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Why does Nancy have a short temper with Grace?

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What is it that Grace finds upsetting about the keepers who escort her to and from the Governor’s house?

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What does “Lady of the Lake” refer to?

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Why does Reverend Verringer write to Dr. Bannerling at the end of the book?

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What is it about Jamie Walsh that disturbs Grace after she marries him?

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Which of the following is not one of Mary Whitney’s “democratic ideas”?

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What detail from Susanna Moodie’s account of Grace’s life does Dr. Jordan discuss with Mr. MacKenzie?

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Why did Grace reject Jeremiah’s invitation to run away with him?

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What plan does Mrs. Humphrey suggest to Dr. Jordan when she receives news of her husband’s return?

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Who embraced Grace from behind in the dream she had on the night of the thunderstorm?

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What famous storyteller does Mr. MacKenzie compare Grace to?