Summary: Part XIV

Part XIV consists of a series of letters.

In the first letter, Dr. Jordan gives Mrs. Humphrey his false excuse for leaving so suddenly, explaining that his mother is gravely ill.

In the second letter, Dr. Jordan’s mother writes to Mrs. Humphrey, returning the letters she has sent to her son and cautioning her to be careful to protect her reputation.

In the third letter, Grace writes to Dr. Jordan, expressing her unhappiness at his sudden and unexplained disappearance.

In the fourth letter, Dr. Jordan writes to a colleague and explains how he can’t tell if Grace has duped him. He also confesses that sometimes at night he sees Grace’s face floating in the darkness.

In the fifth letter, dated two years later (1861), Grace writes to Jeremiah, now a theatrical illusionist performing under the name Signor Geraldo Ponti. She explains that people have treated her better since the hypnotism. She also says that Dr. Jordan never wrote a report to help her case and that he has enlisted to fight in the Civil War that has just begun in the United States.