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1From what is the Caterpillar in Alices Adventures in Wonderland smoking?

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2Which character does Alice scare away with talk of her cat Dinah?

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3In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which character serves as herald to the King and Queen of Hearts?

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4Which character seems to have a fondness for treacle?

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5Who has condemned the Mad Hatter to perpetual teatime?

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6How does Alice get to the great hallway lined with doors a second time?

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7What is the Jabberwock?

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8Which of the following characters is friendliest to Alice during her adventures?

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9In what capacity does Alice enter the chess game in Through the Looking-Glass?

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10Which animal is not a character in either novel?

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11What is the last thing that Alice sees the Mad Hatter and March Hare doing?

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12On what does the Bread-and-butter-fly live?

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13In total, how many queens are in both stories?

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14According to Alice, what is a common feature in the poetry in Through the Looking-Glass?

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15Which character cries most in the stories?

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16What is the last thing we see before the Cheshire Cat fades the first time?

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17What secret does the Gryphon reveal about the Queen of Hearts?

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18What piece of clothing does Alice fasten for the White Queen?

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19Which two characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland reappear with different names in Through the Looking-Glass?

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20Which character takes Alice through the forest in Through the Looking-Glass?

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21Which flower first speaks to Alice in Through the Looking-Glass?

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22What eventually stops Tweedledum and Tweedledee from quarreling?

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23Which character explains “Jabberwocky” to Alice?

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24What does the White Knight consider (to be) his most clever invention? (this question is not discussed in detail in the summary)

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25According to the Cook in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, of what are tarts mostly made (what is the key ingredient in tarts)?