What do you think Shaw’s political attitudes were, based only on the tones and arguments in this work. Was he a supporter of European “advancement”? Was he on the political left or the right? Support your answer with evidence from the play.

Do you believe that Bluntschli and Raina are a good match? Are they suited to one another temperamentally? Explain.

Discuss Nicola’s motivations in the work. What motivates him? How do these motivations differ from those of Louka?

What are some of the possible other connotations of Bluntschli’s love of candy? Why did Shaw pick this food, as opposed to any other?

Why is it that Bluntschli’s friend, who tells Petkoff and Sergius about Bluntschli’s story (without using his name), is given so small a role in the play? What is to be made of his violent death, reported quickly and never discussed thereafter? Explain.