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Near what is the Petkoffs’ house situated?

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Raina’s father holds what rank in the Bulgarian army?

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What does Louka tell Raina in the opening scene of the play?

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To whom is Louka engaged?

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From where does Bluntschli hail?

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Whose picture does Raina keep in her room at the start of the play?

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Catherine has what installed in the Petkoff house?

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The Serbs are allied with members of which empire?

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Bluntschli asks Raina to let him do what, when he is in her room?

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The play might not be described as of which subgenre?

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Why has Sergius resigned his army commission?

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What does Petkoff do instead of using the electric bell to call the servants?

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What do Raina and Catherine lend Bluntschli?

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What is the physical evidence that Raina has feelings for Bluntschli?

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The play is written in which form?

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What does Bluntschli help Sergius and Petkoff with?

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What makes Sergius’s charge successful?

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To whom does Louka get engaged?

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What job does Nicola earn at the end of the play?

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What is revealed about Bluntschli in Act Three?

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What does the Petkoff family brag about?

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What is Louka willing to do to the Petkoffs, to advance her own social status?

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What does Sergius do to Louka when they speak privately?

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What does the play end in a flurry of?

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Which of the following is not a symbol in the play?