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To what does the title of The Bell Jar refer?

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Which of the following is not a method of suicide tried by Esther?

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What is the subject of the article that Esther’s mother sends her?

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During the magazine photo shoot, what occupation does Esther claim to desire?

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How does Esther know Joan before they meet again at the mental hospital?

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Who pays for Esther’s treatment at the private mental hospital?

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To whom does Esther lose her virginity?

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Why does Esther become violently ill after the magazine banquet?

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During what era does The Bell Jar take place?

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What disappointment greets Esther when she returns to suburban Boston?

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What does the fig tree symbolize for Esther?

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Why does Esther fail to drown herself?

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Whose grave does Esther visit?

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Which family member does Esther claim to hate?

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What is in Esther’s suitcase when she returns home from New York?

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What is Esther’s attitude toward the Rosenbergs’ execution?

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Why is Buddy in a sanitarium?

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What is Esther’s mother’s attitude toward Esther’s mental illness?

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What happens to Esther at the end of the novel?

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Which treatment does Esther not undergo?

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Who visits Esther just before the end of the novel?

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How does Joan kill herself?

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How does Esther behave at the city hospital?

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What form of birth control does Esther use?

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What happens to Esther after she loses her virginity?