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When the novel begins, Holden describes

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What is the name of the school Holden is attending at the beginning of his story?

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Holden was forced to return early to school from New York because

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What item of clothing did Holden buy during the team’s trip to New York?

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Contrasting him with the annoying and sloppy Ackley, Holden describes Stradlater as a(n)

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Holden tries to punch Stradlater immediately after

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Holden nostalgically remembers the way Jane Gallagher used to

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Once back in New York, the first person Holden tries to invite for a drink is

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Holden wonders about the fate of which animals in Central Park?

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After Holden checks into his room at the Edmont Hotel, what does he see out of his window?

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According to Holden, he knew he was happy when he was

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The elevator operator at the Edmont offers to get Holden

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Holden claims he can’t sleep with Sunny because

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After Maurice hits Holden in the crotch, what does Holden do?

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After his encounter with Maurice, Holden

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At breakfast, Holden is surprised that the nun

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What does Holden buy for Phoebe?

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According to Holden, what is “the best thing” about the Museum of Natural History?

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As Holden predicted, Sally is excited to

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Although Phoebe’s real middle name is “Josephine,” she signs her name as

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Phoebe chastises Holden because, in her mind, he

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What or who is the “catcher in the rye”?

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Just before he leaves her room, Phoebe gives Holden

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Holden leaves Mr. Antolini’s apartment because

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As he prepares to leave New York City, Holden repeatedly encounters