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How many people are in the Bucket family?

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How beds are there in the Bucket household?

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What does Mr. Wonka urge the Indian Prince Pondicherry to do with his chocolate palace?

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What forces Mr. Wonka to shut down his factory and fire all the workers?

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What is strange about Mr. Wonka’s factory when it reopens?

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How does Grandpa Joe’s react to Mr. Wonka’s announcement about the golden tickets?

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Why does Mrs. Gloop think Augustus eats as much as he does?

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What kind of factory does Mr. Salt, Veruca’s father, own?

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What does Charlie get every year for his birthday?

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What does Charlie find under the wrapper of his birthday present?

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Which of the five golden ticket holders is the first to be removed from the group?

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How does Charlie determine that the dollar bill lying on the street does not belong to someone else?

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When Charlie gets the change from his dollar bill, what does he do?

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What is Charlie’s reaction to the surprise under the second candy wrapper?

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Which of the following is not an offer Charlie receives for his golden ticket?

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The golden ticket says Charlie should arrive at Mr. Wonka’s factory on what day?

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Which member of the Bucket family accompanies Charlie to the factory?

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What happens to Augustus in the chocolate room?

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Who are the Oompa-Loompas?

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How do the Oompa-Loompas react to the bad things that happen to the children?

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Of all the grownups visiting the factory, which one does not think Mr. Wonka is crazy?

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What effect does chewing Mr. Wonka’s gum have on Violet?

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What do the squirrels decide about Veruca?

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Which button does Mike Teavee press in the glass elevator?

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What does Charlie win by being the only child to complete Mr. Wonka’s tour?