How come you married my grandpa?

Will poses this question to Miss Love in Chapter 19, after she has given Rucker a haircut that makes him look much younger. Although the whole town wonders why Miss Love marries Rucker, only Will has the courage to ask her outright. Consequently, he is the first to know the true nature of Rucker’s new marriage. This question signals the beginning of Will’s friendship with Miss Love. Eventually, Miss Love helps Will understand the world, and this question marks the first time Will turns to her for instruction. It also shows Will’s innocence. The townspeople consider themselves too worldly to ask Miss Love this question and would rather make assumptions and dream up scandals than find out the truth. By Cold Sassy’s standards, Will’s question is an example of bad manners, but Will’s ignorance of the ways of the world allows him to act honestly and openly. Will is young enough that he does not care about the town’s restrictive rules.