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Which of the following men is not a priest?

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Whom does Kumalo bring from Johannesburg to Ndotsheni?

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What money does Kumalo use for his trip to Johannesburg?

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What happens to Gertrude at the end of the novel?

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Who is John Harrison?

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Why don’t black mine workers bring their families to Johannesburg?

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What happens when the police catch Absalom?

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Who comes to visit Kumalo and practice his Zulu?

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Who is pregnant when the novel ends?

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What happens in the church in Ndotsheni during the confirmation?

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Why are the village children dying?

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What is the topic of John’s speech, to which Kumalo and Jarvis listen?

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Who dies on confirmation day in Ndotsheni?

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What does umfundisi mean?

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Why does Kumalo go up into the mountain?

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What does the novel say is the basis of Johannesburg’s wealth?

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Why was Absalom at the reformatory?

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Where are Absalom and Kumalo finally reunited?

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What weapon does Johannes carry when the boys try to rob Arthur Jarvis?

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Other than his politics, how does John Kumalo make his living?

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Why did Absalom’s wife run away from her home?

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Who gives Msimangu and Kumalo a ride to Alexandra?

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What is the chief’s role in building the dam?

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Which priest marries Absalom and his girlfriend?

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Who orchestrates the building of Shanty Town?