Billy’s first heartbreak occurs when his father leaves him as a young child, and in some ways, he spends much of his early life grappling with the pain of his father’s absence and trying to understand himself in the wake of it. When Billy gets everything that he wants all at once—a record deal, a wife, and a baby on the way—his struggle comes to a head, in part as a response to the overwhelm of so much change. At first, Billy chooses to lose himself in drugs and meaningless sex rather than facing his fear of fatherhood. Camila stands by Billy, though, and rather than leaving him, she demands that he get his act together. Through Camila’s unwavering faith and steely love, Billy confronts his fear and finds a fledgling sense of his own worth. Billy devotes his life to living up to Camila’s faith in him.  

This devotion is put to the test when Billy and Daisy begin their collaboration. Before Daisy, Billy’s best songs were all love songs for Camila, expressions of his commitment to her and his desire to be the man she wants him to be. When Daisy enters the picture, she sees a different Billy, first through his songs and then through their collaboration. She introduces doubt and temptation into Billy’s life. Inexorably drawn to Daisy, no matter how much he struggles to resist it, Billy finds himself uncontrollably attracted to her and he begins idealizing Daisy’s drug use. Through their tension, work, and love, Billy’s mettle is tested, and though he falls in love with Daisy, he remains faithful to Camila. Ironically, it is through the experience of his romance with Daisy that Billy is able to understand that he’s the man Camila has always believed him to be.