Daisy Jones 

The novel’s protagonist and one of the lead singers and songwriters for Daisy Jones & The Six. Beautiful, ambitious, one-of-a-kind, and chaotic, Daisy wants to be known for her talent as a performer and songwriter rather than as a muse for the men she dates. However, she struggles with drug addiction and self-sabotage. Through her tumultuous, thwarted romance with Billy Dunne, she finds her voice as an artist—and gains faith in herself.  

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Billy Dunne 

The lead singer and songwriter of The Six. Billy struggles with addiction and infidelity early in his career as a rock star, but after he gets sober, he’s determined to be a stalwart husband and father. However, once he meets Daisy, he’s continually tempted by her debauched lifestyle, her beauty, and, most of all, by the way she sees him clearly. Though he falls in love with Daisy, he remains faithful to his wife, Camila. 

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Camila Dunne (née Martinez) 

Billy Dunne’s wife and the mother of Julia, Maria, and Susana Dunne. Fiercely loyal, compassionate, and determined, Camila keeps faith in Billy despite his infidelity and substance use. She shows radical love and forgiveness to both Billy and Daisy as she is aware of their love but committed to her husband. Through her generosity, both Billy and Daisy find sobriety and deeper meaning in their lives. 

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Karen “Karen Karen” Sirko 

The keyboardist for The Six and a close friend of Camila. Fiercely independent and dedicated to her music, Karen fights against the life that is expected of her: she refuses to be relegated to the background of the band and rejects the idea that she should eventually settle down and have kids. Karen carves her own path, getting an abortion instead of giving in to compulsory motherhood, fighting for her artistic vision, and living alone. 

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Graham Dunne 

Billy’s brother and the lead guitarist for The Six. Calm, rational, and steady, Graham serves as a counterpoint to his passionate, domineering brother, and the two work together peacefully until their rise to fame. Graham falls in love with Karen Karen, and though the two carry on a relationship, they continue to misread each other while letting their expectations cloud their vision. Eventually, Graham ends up heartbroken. 

Simone Jackson 

Disco star and Daisy’s best friend. Protective, concerned, and loving, Simone serves as a surrogate family member to Daisy all her life, providing her with housing when she’s a teenager, demanding that she go to school, and pushing her repeatedly to get sober and advocate for herself. Eventually, Simone realizes that she can only help Daisy as much as Daisy wants to help herself, but she never stops advocating for Daisy and showing up to help. 

Teddy Price 

The Six’s record producer and Billy’s mentor. Savvy, perceptive, and driven, Teddy works against Billy’s worst impulses to help him pursue stardom and create hit albums. He also manages the passion and chaos between Daisy and Billy.  

Eddie Loving 

The rhythm guitarist for The Six and Pete Loving’s brother. Eddie often has his ego bruised by Billy’s dominance in the band. This eventually leads to an unfixable rift between them. 

Pete Loving 

The bassist for The Six and Eddie Loving’s brother. Pete spends much of his energy on his girlfriend, Jenny, who he leaves the band to marry. 

Warren Rhodes 

The drummer for The Six. Warren is mostly interested in sex and drugs and staying out of the rest of the band’s drama. 

Julia Dunne Rodriguez 

Billy and Camila’s oldest daughter and the author of the book. A huge fan of Daisy Jones, Julia is revealed to be the interviewer whose narrative voice carries throughout the entire book. 

Jonah Berg 

Music journalist for Rolling Stone. Balancing integrity with a drive for the best story, Jonah has a huge hand in shaping the path of the band, writing splashy stories that boost its profile. 

Hank Allen 

Daisy’s agent and boyfriend. Hank keeps Daisy high in an attempt to control her. When Daisy realizes how bad he is for her and breaks up with him, Hank steals her backup band in an attempt to sabotage her. 

Niccolo “Nicky” Argento 

Italian prince, or son of a prince, and Daisy’s husband. Nicky encourages Daisy’s worst impulses and contributes to her excessive drug use. 

Artie Snyder 

Lead sound engineer for The Six. Observant of the dynamics of the group, Artie often gives a fly-on-the-wall perspective and sees things others miss, such as intimate moments between Daisy and Billy. 

Chuck Williams 

The Six’s first rhythm guitarist. Chuck gets drafted and dies in the Vietnam War. 

Elaine Chang 

Daisy Jones’ biographer. Elaine admires Daisy’s beauty, fearlessness, and passion, contextualizing her story and giving a sense of how Daisy is viewed by history. 

Wyatt Stone 

The lead singer of the Breeze. Wyatt steals Daisy’s lyrics to write a hit song about her named “Tiny Love.” 

Maria and Susana Dunne 

Camila and Billy Dunne’s twin daughters.