Like many of the women in Daisy Jones & The Six, Camila strikes an unconventional figure. The role of the spurned woman is conventionalized in many ways, from anger to self-recrimination to vengeance, and Camila defies all of them. Rather than playing the role of the betrayed wife after Billy cheats on her and loses himself to addiction, Camila doubles down on her commitment to him. She shows her loyalty and belief by never backing down and never leaving Billy’s side, while always encouraging him to do what he loves even if it takes him away from her. When Billy attempts to quit music to devote himself to his family, Camila won’t hear of it, noting that part of the reason she fell in love with Billy was because of his passion for music.  

Camila’s devotion, however, comes at a cost. Camila stands by and watches Billy fall in love with Daisy, and because Billy and Camila never discuss Billy’s relationship with Daisy, she bears the pain of her heartache about their emotional affair on her own. Camila acknowledges to the author, her daughter, that it hurt her to see Billy with Daisy. However, rather than letting that pain break her, she confronts Daisy with love and honesty, telling her she won’t break up their marriage and that she wants what’s best for Daisy, too. This radical act of love ultimately changes Daisy’s life and helps Camila find the peace and security she has always wanted with Billy.