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What does Clarissa set out to purchase in the novel’s opening scene?

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What object does Peter Walsh always have with him?

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What color is Clarissa Dalloway’s party dress?

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In which month does the novel take place?

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Which male character proposes marriage to Clarissa and is refused?

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Septimus feels human nature is essentially evil. Which character does he claim embodies “human nature”?”

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Which line from a Shakespearean play is repeated several times throughout the novel?

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What is Lucrezia Smith’s profession?

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Septimus goes to the doctor because he is suffering from what illness?

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Why does Lady Bruton invite Richard Dalloway and Hugh Whitbread to her home for lunch?

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When Richard returns from having lunch at Lady Bruton’s, what does he bring home to Clarissa?

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Who does Clarissa compare herself to when she returns home to her attic room?

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What was the most exquisite moment of Clarissa’s life?

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Where does Peter Walsh live?

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Where did Clarissa spend her summers as a girl?

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What is the name of Peter’s fiancée?

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What does Clarissa have in her hands when Peter Walsh makes an unexpected visit?

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What illness has Clarissa recently recovered from?

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When Peter Walsh falls asleep in Regent’s Park, what does he dream about?

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Whom does Septimus hear speaking to him from behind trees and screens?

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What does Sir William Bradshaw, one of Septimus’s doctors, believe in most strongly?

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Who does Clarissa see twice in the window across from her own?

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Where does Doris Kilman go after having tea with Elizabeth?

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Which shocking action did Sally Seton take at Bourton?

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What does Lady Bradshaw tell Clarissa at the Dalloways’ party?