Compare and contrast Sinclair's relationships with Demian and Pistorius.

At the end of the work, Demian gives Sinclair a kiss (which he says is from Frau Eva) and tells him that they will no longer see each other. Discuss the significance of this episode. What does it say about Sinclair, Demian, and Frau Eva?

The original German title of Demian was The Story of Emil Sinclair's Youth. Which title do you think is more appropriate?

What is the significance of Sinclair's relationship with Knauer? What connections can be drawn between Knauer and other characters in the book?

Why do you think Hesse chose to have Sinclair narrate the story himself? Is the older Sinclair a reliable narrator? Should we trust him? How does the older Sinclair's presence add to the themes of the novel?

How does Demian differ from Frau Eva and how does this difference play out in Sinclair's development?