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Who is Sinclair's early tormenter?

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Who saves Sinclair from his early tormenter?

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Who is Beatrice?

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With whom does Sinclair first discuss Abraxas?

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What does Sinclair see in the clouds during the big storm?

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Who is Abraxas?

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What does Sinclair consider to be the first act that truly brings him to the world of darkness?

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In what illicit activity does Sinclair engage while at Prep. School?

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Why does Sinclair stay at university over the summer?

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Demian and Sinclair spend time together at all of the following, EXCEPT

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Why does Sinclair avoid Demian when they are first placed in the same confirmation class?

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How do Sinclair and Demian become reunited during confirmation class?

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Which animal is a symbol of Sinclair's yearning to break free?

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During which phase of his life is Sinclair without Demian?