Dicey's only sister, nine-year-old Maybeth is in the third grade, having been held back in Provincetown. Maybeth, like all the children, suffered at the hands of her disapproving peers, and responded, unlike Dicey or Sammy, by drawing deep into herself and becoming deeply afraid of interacting with others. Maybeth is meek, quiet, and hardworking, but her fears and her sense of confusion over Momma have made it difficult for her to learn in school. Unlike her siblings, Maybeth tries dutifully to do as she is told without questioning or strategizing, and consequently, she works diligently on exercises in a manner that does not help her. Dicey deeply respects Maybeth's ability to remain patient and loving in all situations, a characteristic she shares with Momma. All of the children admire her musical ability. Maybeth proves her mental capacities by becoming an adept pianist, and her success at piano gives her comfort and strength. By the end of the novel, she seems more sure of herself, timidly telling Gram that a note from her teacher probably has good, and not bad, news.