1. Why is Dicey angry when Gram tells her she is too old to go around without a shirt on?

2. Why does Sammy at first resist the idea of being adopted by Gram?

3. Why does Dicey become angry when Gram announces Mr. Lingerle wants to give Maybeth lessons?

4. Why does Dicey dislike her classmates?

5. Why does Dicey stop to talk to Jeff?

6. Why does Dicey ignore Sammy while she is working on the boat?

7. Why does Gram forbid the children to go into the attic?

8. Why does James turn in a different report than the one he shared with Dicey?

9. Why is Sammy being so good in school?

10. What makes James follow through on his promise to teach Maybeth?

11. Why does Dicey hate home economics?

12. Why does Dicey grow to respect Millie?

13. Why is Mina sure Dicey's paper is not plagiarized?

14. Why does Dicey decide to call Mina that night?

15. Why does Sammy hide his reasons for fighting from his family?

16. Why did the Tillermans not celebrate Thanksgiving in Provincetown?

17. How does Dicey react when Jeff appears in the barn the Saturday after Thanksgiving?

18. Why does Gram visit Mina's parents?

19. Why does Dicey refuse to go to the dance with Jeff?

20. Why does Gram refuse to tell Dicey why they are traveling to Boston?

21. Why does Gram send Dicey out shopping in Boston?

22. Why does the man in the woodshop sell Dicey the wooden chicken for less than it is worth?

23. Why is it hard for Gram to accept the box from the woodmaker?

24. How does Dicey feel as they travel home from Boston?

25. What does Gram do with the photo albums she brings down from the attic?