Beatrice (Tris) Prior

The intelligent, courageous sixteen-year-old protagonist. Unable to conform to the humble ideals of Abnegation, her home faction, she joins Dauntless, where she struggles to be both brave and unselfish.

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Four (Tobias)

A trainer of Dauntless initiates who transferred into the faction. His moderate approach often puts him at odds with Eric, the ruthless head of Dauntless training. Serious and brave, Four becomes Tris’s love interest as she progresses through initiation.

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Jeanine Matthews

The person with the highest IQ in Erudite, and the faction’s leader and representative on the city’s political council. She masterminds a war against Abnegation and develops a serum to control the Dauntless.


A Dauntless leader who transferred from Erudite and is now in charge of training Dauntless initiates, which he does with excessive brutality. He came in second to Four during their initiation several years ago and still harbors a grudge against him.


Tris’s friend, a Dauntless initiate who transferred from Candor. Despite his physical size and strength, he’s unwilling to hurt others and performs poorly throughout initiation. Though he likes Tris, she finds him too sensitive to consider romantically.

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A Candor transfer and Tris’s main enemy in Dauntless. Boastful, intelligent, and cruel, he’s willing to do anything to place first in the rankings, including attack fellow trainees.


Tris’s best friend in Dauntless, a bold and funny initiate who transferred from Candor. She helps Tris relax and open up more than she was able to in Abnegation.


A sarcastic but kind Dauntless initiate who transferred from Erudite. He’s conflicted about the tensions between Erudite and Abnegation and has several political discussions with Tris.


A friend of Peter’s from Candor. Like Peter, she is a loudmouth and a bully who constantly ridicules Tris, her family, and her home faction.


A friend of Peter and Molly’s. After he participates in a nighttime attack on Tris, Four beats him up as punishment.


Tris’s aptitude test administrator and a member of Dauntless who works in the tattoo parlor. After learning Tris is Divergent, Tori warns that her life is in danger and tries to help her stay safe.


Tobias’s father and a leader on the Abnegation political council. Although he acts virtuously, his behavior is calculating and deceptive. His physical abuse caused Tobias to leave Abnegation and join Dauntless.


An Erudite transfer to Dauntless who has studied hand-to-hand combat since childhood. After he beats Peter in the stage one rankings, Peter stabs him in the eye with a butter knife.

Caleb Prior

Tris’s brother, who is also sixteen. Tris resents his tendency to lecture her about selflessness and is shocked when he leaves their family to join the Erudite faction.

Natalie Prior

Tris’s loving mother. A model Abnegation member who works at a volunteer agency, she surprises Tris by revealing her Dauntless background.

Andrew Prior

Tris’s father and a member of the political council that rules the city. He is devoted to Abnegation and feels betrayed when both his children leave for new factions.


A friendly Dauntless-born initiate whose older brother, Zeke, gives him inside information about training. He praises Tris’s bravery and makes her feel welcome among the experienced initiates.


An Erudite transfer and Edward’s girlfriend. She and Edward leave Dauntless after Peter’s bloody attack.


A trainer of Dauntless-born initiates. Tris meets her immediately after her first jump into the Pit.