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Where is Divergent set?

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Which of these is NOT one of the five factions in Tris’s society?

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During her aptitude test, how does Tris stop the dog from attacking the little girl?

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Who does Tris meet while walking home from her aptitude test?

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What motto governs the society in which Tris lives?

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What faction does Caleb join at the Choosing Ceremony?

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Which of these events does NOT occur as Tris begins Dauntless initiation?

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Why doesn’t Eric like Four?

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What makes Tris uncomfortable in the dining hall on the first day of training?

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Where does Tris get her first tattoo of three birds?

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Which Dauntless job is Tris afraid she’ll be assigned after their field trip to the fence?

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Why does Four choose Tris, Will, and Christina for his capture the flag team?

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When Tris’s mother visits on Visiting Day, what does she ask Tris to do?

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What specific event prompts Tris to brutally beat Molly during their fight?

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What lie does Molly tell the Erudite newspaper reporter?

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What rank does Tris receive after stage two?

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What does Four tell Tris she should do after Peter, Al, and Drew attack her?

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How does Al die?

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Which of these is NOT one of Four’s fears?

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What color is the tracking serum Eric injects into Tris’s neck?

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When does Tris realize that Erudite plans to control the Dauntless and use them as an army?

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Why does Tris shoot Eric in the foot?

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Who is Tris surprised to see hiding with her father and brother?

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Where is the control room that houses the mind-control computer program located?

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At the end of the novel, where do the surviving Abnegation members seek safety?